Thomas Miller commission

My latest quest to spread my Art work around was a commission taken from Thomas Miller Isle of Man. Thomas Miller were moving offices as a part of the relocation project, and the staff at TM (IOM) elected to champion a local Artist to provide the new paintings for the office.

The paintings came from a collaborated effort between myself and the team at Thomas Miller. I took on the commission for two Reception room paintings and a large 6 ft by 4 ft painting designed specifically for the new office. The path of the viking is a calm and serene piece. Perfectly chosen to situate in the reception area, where she sets sail into the unknown. The sister painting shows security in a number of ways as she pursues her path to greatness. The concluding painting that ‘s presence will hang in the board room is the ‘Spirit of the Viking’. This painting encompasses all three collectively, exhibiting strength as a team, the breath of spirit from the trees roots and the element of fire marks of future prevail.

I really enjoyed my time working with the team at Thomas Miller, I met a cocktail of wonderful people and being given the opportunity to discuss my work at their prestigious opening night was the absolute highlight of the experience. 🙂 x


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